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On a cold winter night in York, and a hot summer day in Melbourne, around about the time of the Commonwealth Games, Tiia and Alicia spent about 12 hours straight on MSN, plotting their individual travel plans.

By the end of the 12 hours, two three-week trips had become a combined seven and a bit week trip, spanning 10 American states... and Vancouver.

Chocolate will be eaten, friends will be visited and sights will be seen. There will be photographic evidence of wanderings in cities including New York, Vancouver, Seattle, LA and Boston.

Stay tuned for adventures in LJ land, featuring people from both flists, who may or may not be inclined to add their thoughts to the ramblings of the wanderers.

And you never know, if the wanderers manage to survive the US with their low-carb diets intact, there may be a return visit...

Then again, there's always Europe... or South America... or even Australia.