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One last entry from me.... for now....

I mentioned a while ago, putting together a list of the various things I liked about certain cities/towns we visited. Just so you know, this is my opinion. I'm sure Tiia has other views of the different places. 

Anyway, here we go:

Best City: Tie between NYC, Vancouver, Chicago, Boston and San Diego

Prettiest places: Breckenridge (Colorado. You have to see it! It's like something from a fairytale! Everything I saw of Colorado was just beautiful. If it's not on your list of travel destinations, make sure you add it. It's a truly beautiful state!), Whistler (British Columbia), Old Montreal

Friendliest locals: San Diego, Chicago, Colorado, Montreal, Boston, NYC, because Suz's upstairs neighbours were just so wonderful to us!

Best beach/waterfront: Santa Monica/Venice/Malibu (LA),  Ocean Beach (San Diego), Seattle, San Francisco

Best city architecture: DC, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, NYC

Best food: There can only be one winner. Montreal. No contest!

Best shopping: Vegas, NYC, Breckenridge (unexpectedly! Best soaps ever!), Boston --really cool marketplace by the waterfront! And Newbury street -- the designer stuff! Not that I could afford it...

Dodgiest place we stayed in: Hollywood and Vine in LA (don't venture onto Sunset Boulevard!!! Don't do it!!!), Fremont in Vegas (nothing like the bus driver telling you to watch out for pick pockets when you get off at the end of the street you're staying in..)

Best places we stayed in: Hostels in fantastic locations in Montreal (Old Montreal), Chicago and Boston. Oh, and Ocean Beach. Those were definitely the best locations. Some of the others were in strip club districts. These were top of the list for safety.

The "liked it unexpectedly" place: Vegas. For two people who don't gamble, we had fun in Vegas

The "undomesticated equines couldn't drag me back there" place: Tijuana

I was going to add a "the places I want to go back to" category, too, but I want to go back to ALL those places. Except Tijuana. That I can live without!!
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