Tiia (finnstardust) wrote in world_wanderers,

Last day

So, the day has come for Alicia and I to go home. It's kind of sad. Feels like we only started this trip yesterday - weird. We're currently just hanging out at Suz's place, waiting to leave for the airport in a couple of hours. My flight is at 6, Alicia's at 7. We went to Magic Bagels for breakfast and then to pick up some stuff from Target to try and put into our overstuffed bags. And Sue has given me Jack Daniels BBQ sauce that I need to find room for. Just to explain, I eat BBQ sauce with everything:)
I will be posting pics when I get home, either here or my own journal, or both. Other than that, I suppose this community will slumber until the next trip rolls around, wherever and whenever that might end up being.
So, as the evil Stargate people like to say: To be continued...
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