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Taking it easy

Today was a lazy day. Lazy days rock. Suz called in "sick" in the morning and then we hit the Green Acres mall for some Christmas ornament shopping. Had a late lunch at TGI Friday's and then drove to Jones Beach for the Holiday Lights Spectacular. LOTS of very pretty Christmas lights and I would put up pictures but I can't remember where the cable thingy is...We also went to see the massive Long Island Christmas tree and ice-skating rink and had hot chocolate which was almost as good as the Dunkin' Donuts one.
Now Suz is desperately trying to make sense of the horrible NYC Subway system and there is Lord of the Rings on the telly. We are going to be brave and go to the city tomorrow - apparently there won't be any space to move as everyone else will be there too. That should be an interesting experience.
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