Tiia (finnstardust) wrote in world_wanderers,

Soaked in Boston

Eh...I wonder why exactly I chose to leave the hostel this morning without an umbrella when the forecast said it would rain? After four years in England I should know better...Anyway, I went to Harvard this morning on my own as Alicia wasn't that much into it. It was pretty cool, lots of buildings made of red brick with ivy growing along the walls. Ivy League indeed. I got myself a Harvard sweatshirt which I'm wearing as we speak. It's very big and comfy and really warm which is good after all that rain. I think I'm going to wear it for the plane when I go home. I kind of have to as it wouldn't fit anywhere in my bags...
After Harvard I walked around in the said rain for a few hours looking for a place which would sell me my keyring and fridge magnet and postcards. I couldn't find any! Seriously, I don't know why, but Boston does not have any tourist shops. Finally I located a t-shirt shop where I got a keyring from and a tiny newsagents which had some fridge magnets. The funny thing was I got the magnet for 2 dollars and later saw the very same one in a tourist information place for 9! Good thing I went to the newsagents first! Then to Walgreens for some postcards.
I just had McDonalds for dinner...And I saw in the news something about a serial killer in Suffolk, England. What's going on over there? Have to check Amtrak for trains to New York tomorrow. Can't believe I'm already making arrangements for how to get home in Finland! The seven weeks have gone by so fast.
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